Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List- Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Link building is an important aspect of SEO for obtaining a good rank in search engines. Social bookmarking is a very effective SEO link-building technique. This not only drives more traffic to the website but also relevant audiences reach out to your content. If you bookmark your website on a good Social Bookmarking Sites List of the relevant niche, you can reap great benefits from there. The social bookmarking sites offer quality link juice that gets transferred to your website. While searching for the social bookmarking submission list, you don’t need to look for do-follow or no-follow sites, as Google prefers natural backlinks.

A social bookmarking site is an online service that permits you to gather bookmarks on a cloud-based server. This way you can access the data from anywhere. You only need to get registered on the website and create bookmarks there and simply tag it under various yet relevant categories. High domain authority sites help you in getting quality backlinks.

The best part is on these sites, you can locate and classify the resources easily using the internet. As you share your content on social bookmarking sites, it results in user engagement. The only particular thing is to understand the site, its vocabulary, and policies before putting and marketing your content there.

How social bookmarking helps improve the ranking of the website?

Every website needs proper SEO promotion to avail organic traffic and potential conversions. Social bookmarking is one of the most reliable digital marketing techniques to improve website value and in turn improve ranking. It is an off-page SEO technique and used by most SEO experts. There are many do-follow as well as no-follow Social Bookmarking Sites List, digital marketers choose do-follow high-page sites for this task. You easily create backlinks by bookmarking your website.

How to use a social bookmarking sites list?

  • Find and create a high-page rank social bookmarking submission list having a do-follow option available.
  • Select one after another website to do the task.
  • Register on the website with your real details as email, username, and password.
  • Open the account and search for the Add New Post option.
  • Now fill the form with details as website address, keyword, subject, image, and description.
  • Make sure to fill in genuine information.
  • Put high quality and content relevant image
  • Now go for the Post option of the form.

This way you can easily complete the social bookmarking of your website. But, make sure to put only correct information, otherwise, your post will be marked as spam. Also, the steps may differ more or less as the site varies. Need to go through the site carefully and follow the instructions.

Benefits of using Social Bookmarking Sites List:

  • It helps in making your content viral.
  • Strengthen your brand value and create more awareness.
  • You avail improved SERPs.
  • Help in promoting new content published on your site, when you bookmark the content on a social bookmarking site.
  • The bounce rate of the website declines.
  • Organic and relevant traffic gets driven to your website.
  • You obtain a quality backlink and in order to that backlink profile gets improved.
  • Your website domain authority and page authority gets improved.
  • There comes upvotes to enhance visibility.
  • The social bookmarking sites are user-friendly and so easy to use.
  • It is quick too and so less time-consuming.
  • It also brings user interaction and so brings more popularity to your website.

Along with all these above-listed benefits, the best part is it is an off-page SEO technique. It enables even the not-so-technical person to carry on the social bookmarking with little guidance.

How to find a social bookmarking site?

There are several techniques to find good social bookmarking sites.


Through the forum, you can find good bookmarking sites. You can connect with experts to guide you to search the bookmarking sites. There you can go through several threads that help you get your answers related to all the social bookmarking queries.


In your search quest for top social bookmarking sites, you will get blogger sites in SERP that will be listing the latest bookmarking sites. Also, your blog will be regularly updated by them.

Connect with SEO groups on social media:

Social media is the most trending thing in this digital world. It can make your content go viral in no time if used in the correct way. So, you can always look forward to getting connected with top SEO groups on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

Google search queries:

You can also search the list of do-follow social bookmarking sites by exploring Google search queries. As you can find updated sites on top for all queries in SERP. Some digital marketers go with these tricks and keep the website content updated by adding regular and valuable content.

Using social bookmarking sites, you can market your website in an easy yet effective way. It is a quick way to reach out to your target audience with little effort.

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