4 Steps to Start a Delivery Business

4 Steps to Start a Delivery Business

Starting a delivery business will give you the freedom to choose your working schedule and fit jobs around your lifestyle. You may decide to do deliveries in your spare time to earn some extra cash or start a full-time delivery service. Delivery companies have fairly low startup costs and require minimal investment, making them the ideal low-risk business venture.

Here are four steps to start a delivery business:

Step 1: Buy a delivery vehicle

You will need to buy a vehicle before you can start providing delivery services. If you are planning on doing small deliveries, e.g. Amazon parcels or food deliveries, then you may be able to use your personal car. However, you will need a van or truck if you want to start a professional courier service offering large deliveries.

A bigger vehicle will give you the option to deliver large orders and increase your earning potential. According to connecteam.com, the most reliable delivery vehicles recommended by professionals are Mercedes Sprinter, 2018 NV Cargo, Chevrolet Express, and Ford Transit. These vehicles offer the ideal combination of affordability, reliability, and performance.

Starting a delivery business is relatively straightforward, but you must check what legal requirements apply. For instance, you will need to apply for vehicle insurance and cargo insurance. Cargo insurance will cover any damage, loss, or theft of your goods during transit and ensure that you are not held liable.

Having quality cargo insurance will also improve the reputation of your brand and help you attract customers. Many people will avoid using a courier service that does not have quality insurance. Compare different insurance providers and shop around to find the best deals on cargo liability insurance.

Step 3: Search for delivery jobs online

Once you have brought a suitable delivery vehicle and applied for insurance, you can start searching for delivery jobs. A load board like Shiply can be a great site to hunt for potential jobs. Many load boards are free to join with no sign-up fees or subscription charges.

You can use a load board site to search for local delivery jobs that match your requirements and secure work online. You can also use the platform to connect with other professionals in your industry and learn more about the delivery sector. Building your professional network can be a great way to develop your skills and knowledge, especially if you are starting your first delivery business.

Step 4: Market your delivery business

There is a growing need for couriers services, but there is also strong competition between delivery businesses. The delivery sector is dominated by well-known couriers like FedEx and UPS. Consumers would rather use a courier service they know and trust, so attracting new customers can be a challenge.

Create a powerful marketing strategy that will get your name out there and help you build brand awareness. Make sure that your advertising is tailored to your target audience and highlight your unique qualities such as excellent customer service, premium insurance coverage, etc.

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