7 Technical SEO Features Everyone Should Know

7 Technical SEO Features Everyone

Most of us know our site requires SEO but don’t know how to go about it, or don’t want to put some effort into it. With the constant algorithm changes, it is critical to implement technical SEO on our websites. One smart way to deal with this is to hire affordable SEO services who are always on the loop with algorithms. You as well need to understand what it entails. From structured data to credible backlinks. This article will cover exactly that, for you to know some of those essential features, as shown below;

7 Characteristics of technical SEO but not limited to:

  1. Secure for users

Secure for users

Website security is critical for users. Remember, they will be transacting using their credit cards, which bear personal information. By any chance, if they come to know your web is a threat, and you can’t guarantee their privacy, they will run away so fast, and they will never return. To avoid this problem, you must get your site technically optimized by experts such as WordPress website design company for security.

First, you require an SSL certificate to implement HTTPS on your site, ensuring that no criminal intercepts the data sent to the browser. It protects user information. Having a safe website gives you a higher ranking too. Only recently that Google chrome, among others, embarked on a movement called “Not Secure” and stamped on any site that lacked the SSL certificate.

  1. Well-structured data

When you have a well-structured site, it gives search engines an easy crawlability. Your content becomes more precise and understandable, which is good because the search engine can now index your site. That means your results will show well on SERP.

  1. Correct metadata length

First, check if you are having the right length of your meta description. If not, you can optimize it to the correct size. A feature that you can implement to improve your CTR in search engine result pages. Since the current changes show that you can use up to 320 characters, that’s enough to include all the relevant elements.

  1. Unique content for each page

It is a crucial SEO feature that once implemented. It would be best if you made a search engine’s work accessible and transparent to get a good ranking. But when you use the same content on all your pages, it becomes confusing for them to rank your page.

Due to some technical errors, you might have duplicity issues without your knowledge. That’s because different URLs in your site may show the same content. How do you solve this?

With affordable SEO services, they get on it and set a canonical link to indicate the page that you would like the search engines to rank. They will help you prevent the duplicate issues occurring again.

  1. No mixed content

No mixed content

It can be a technical issue that may occur due to forcing SSL on your site. This problem happens because you lack secure HTTP pages. You may have recently secured your website, but unfortunately, this change does not automatically add your previously linked content before the switch.

To elude this issue in the future and quickly identify a mixed content, you need to run a site audit first. A perfect tool to use is SEMrush. As shown above, the content appears under the errors report page showing all the areas of concern you need to check out. Now you will have to go over each page, finding the wrong links, and replacing them to HTTPS.

  1. Credible backlinks

When a website accumulates backlinks in due time, it is indeed a good thing. However, sometimes you may end up with toxic types that may affect your site, including your ranking. To find out if you are having these dangerous backlinks, some of the great tools to use include Screaming Frog and Google Search Console. They have all the domain records backlinking to your site and can provide you with the links’ domain score.

Evaluate each one of them. As per the rule of thumb, if the site linking to you has an exceeding score of 50, you will have to get rid of it quickly. A polite way to handle this is to request them to have your links down. However, if they don’t do it, you need to inform Google about it, as you proceed to disavow those wrong links using the Search Console tool. Then ensure all the backlinks you have are credible to get a good ranking.

  1. Proper XML sitemap

Proper XML sitemap

Sitemaps play a crucial role in search engines. The same way you check with a Google map, if you are heading in the right direction of a place you have never been before, it is the same way that crawlers use them. That’s why we are saying; it is paramount to have a properly formatted XML sitemap to guide crawlers in the right direction. Also, have your pages updated in sitemaps, then send them to your Google Search Console.

In conclusion, if you ensure your site has these technical features and even more, you don’t have to fret about ranking. Although some tech may require an affordable SEO service, it is smart to know what they are and your expectation. Don’t stay as far as the experts work on your site. Hang around and be inquisitive, you will genuinely learn if you show some interest.

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