Become an Eminent Online Marketer by Getting Trained at a Digital Marketing Course:

digital marketing course in Kolkata

Digital marketing is a broad umbrella that covers the online marketing of brands across different online portals. It is different from traditional marketing and involves the marketing of products and services with the help of electronic devices. Digital marketing takes advantage of different digital channels such as social media, search engines, websites, email and mobile applications to propagate the brand across geographical borders.

Professional digital marketing training is much more than merely learning the art of product advertising. The professional digital marketing courses entail the students to learn the various tools of digital marketing such as SEO, paid search, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation and a number of other concepts. The value of digital marketing is ever growing, and there is an increasing demand for digital marketing courses for a number of reasons.

Scope of digital marketing specialist:

The adoption rate of digital media marketing is excellent in modern times and it has witnessed exponential growth since 2005. Marketing a product online is quick, efficient and practical when we compare the same with that of traditional trends of marketing. Digital marketing training is an excellent step towards expanding the scope of the brand across various marketing expertise. The training includes expertise in advanced concepts of digital marketing across various domains and also renders hands on expertise for the trainees in digital marketing.

The digital marketing course in Kolkata opens an ocean of opportunities and scope for digital marketing experts in the country. It is possible to earn an income of about Rs. 25,000 to 7 lakhs per annum after completion of the digital marketing training.

Benefits of taking up a digital marketing course training:

Some of the inherent benefits of taking up a digital marketing classroom training in Kolkata are as follows,

  • Digital marketing is the most commanding skill for marketing professionals in recent market’s situation and helps people with the best salary structure
  • It is possible to attract a number of professional roles in leading organizations after equipping oneself with digital marketing training.
  • The certification courses in marketing will help professionals to widen their skills and gain excellent mastery over online marketing.
  • Training is given on how to market a product through popular marketing channels such as Email Marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, Display advertising, content marketing and social media marketing.

Things to look for in a digital marketing training institute:

As digital marketing training is gaining tremendous momentum these days, training institutes are mushrooming everywhere. But in order to get training from the best institute, check for the following attributes.

  • Faculty
  • Course curriculum
  • Course certifications
  • Course duration
  • Mode of study – online or offline
  • Course fee
  • Job assistance and placement

Best Digital Marketing training institute in Kolkata:

Oxydent is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Kolkata. It offers personalized digital marketing programs for students, entrepreneurs and professionals. The institute offers weekend classes in digital marketing training in Dumdum.  The course duration is for three months and covers about 48 modules for students and professionals. Apart from eminent training, it also offers job assistance and placement for its students.

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