7 Essential Elements Every Business Website Must Have

Essential Elements Every Business Website Must Have

Website of a business is one of the strongest marketing tools available for any brand. Nowadays, modern consumers have become quite aware of the things around them. Consumers always research products and services of any business before they can place trust on it or purchase a product. A well designed and presentable website ensures credibility. Here are few essential elements of a website which are essential for generating visitor engagement with your brand:

Clearly Define your Company

Usually, a company description is something which any website visitor remains interested in. They usually want to know more about the company, what it does, where it is located, what the company goals are and what services/products they offer.

On providing this kind of information, the chances of their staying on the website increases manifold and that is what you want: they should spend time on your website and buy your product/service. Comprehensive and vital information about the company will do the needful. The ‘About Us’ tab will serve as a resource for anyone browsing your website, for potential customers or for even those people who would want to write a review about your company.

User-Friendly Navigation

Your entire website should be such that visitors are able to find their way easily through it. The navigation bar should be clearly present and accessible. It should be at the same position on every page. Each menu needs to be easily understandable and every page should be clearly labeled for the visitor so that they can browse without any issues whatsoever. The most significant pages should be easiest to locate and every page should be accessible with not more than two clicks.

Quality Content

Fresh and quality content is essential for retaining the interest of visitors or website users so that they can stay on your website. Quality and updated content are given weight age by Google and it is important from SEO perspective. Search engines give a lot of significance to updated/fresh content and Google considers such websites as safe and reliable. Quality content has the power to keep your visitors on your website. It is a good idea to start a blog on your company website so that you can add fresh and updated content frequently and your visitors also can find useful tips and ideas. Google considers updated sites with quality and relevant content as reliable websites.

Contact Info

In order to establish your credibility, you should have detailed contact info describing your mailing address, email address and all phone numbers to reach you. The main reason people want to visit your website is to contact you for sale inquiries, promotional opportunities and customer service. Make sure that your contact options are easy to find and they don’t have to dig to be able to reach you.

Also don’t make them fill in more than required details in the contact form. It should be simple and straightforward. If you have a presence on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, include those links in the footer or the main contact page. It never hurts to have number of ways for reaching out to potential customers.

Well defined Call to Action

After visiting your website and getting the required information offered to them, they need them to perform an action. This can be achieved by a clear and well-defined call to action which will fulfill their purpose of visiting you. If your website is offering specific products or services, you would want them to contact you for a quote. On the other hand, if it is an e-commerce website, you would prefer them to buy products from the website.

In fact, you could also add info that mentions timelines/offers which won’t last long and wherein quantities are limited in order to create an urgency. Your call to action should be certainly placed in such a way that it is prominently seen and conveniently placed. You can also clear cut buttons which display the words ’Buy Now’, ‘Download’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Request a quote’ to avoid any confusion.

The Way to Bring your Visitors Back

If you don’t offer anything to lure your visitors for returning to your website, they won’t do that. For getting them back and motivating them to take a sustained interest in your company, you need to give them reasons to trust you so that they might buy your product (in the case of an e-commerce website) or enquire about the services you are offering.

By working out a planned strategy, such as mailing out e-newsletters, updating web content on the website and so forth, you should give significance to creating a subscriber list which has their email addresses so that you can send them free newsletters or offer them free downloads. Opt-in-offers are a great way to send updated information and convert visitors into customers. This will enable you to develop a relationship with them so that they can trust you and consider buying your products.


Using testimonials is a great way to establish your credibility with your audience by providing evidence from real people. Testimonials are given by happy and satisfied customers who have improved their lives by choosing your product or service. Your testimonials should have their names, the city where they live and preferably a small picture which helps in personalizing and adding credibility, thereby proving that they are real people who have used their products and services.

Displaying testimonials on the home page is a good idea. However, having a creating a separate web page displaying only testimonials is also preferable as the more satisfied customers you can show, the better it is. The fact is that by sharing real testimonials you make it easier for a potential client to make a sensible decision of doing business with you.

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