How Can I Change My IP Address and Check Online?

How Can I Change My IP Address and Check Online

What is IP Address

Your IP address on the Internet is similar to your real-life physical address. It defines exactly where you are so that you can receive data. Your IP address may alter in certain situations, similar to your present place. Follow the directions discussed below if you want to know what is my ip and how you can change your IP address. You need to be conscious of some basic network elements before viewing any of the following data.

  • Know how the static IP address differs from the vibrant IP address.
  • On the Internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is responsible for assigning your network address and providing you with that address (which can be seen by the internet).
  • While the home or corporate router assigns the IP addresses to LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network).
  • You Should have some knowledge about how IP address ranges are handled and about your net mask if you need to use a static IP address

➢ Change your IP address

If you are using a dialup modem to connect to the internet, then the ISP allocate a different IP address every time you connect to the internet so to change the IP address while using dial up modem you can simply change your IP address by disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet

· Using a Broadband

Your home or computer network would be assigned a static IP address by your broadband service provider. Follow these steps to change your IP address while connected to a broadband setup.

1) Disconnecting Power

It can be as easy as disconnecting the power supply from your broadband modem to get a new IP address. Turn off the modem connection and leave it a few minutes off. Also, disconnect the energy from the router if you have a network router linked to the modem.

2) Releasing the router IP address

If modem and router power supply have not been connected and still IP address is not changed, it means the IP address is still stored in the setup of your router. Try the IP address for the router to be released and renovated. It is often achieved via the status or the setup in the router configuration.

3)     Disconnecting for long

If two options mentioned above doesn’t work then switch your modem and router off as long as you can.

4)     Contacting the ISP

If none of the suggestions above are of assistance with changing your IP address, your ISP may prevent the allocation of a new IP address. You can also contact your ISP and request to change your IP address.

How to Change Your Home Network IP Address

To Change or specify your IP address follow these steps. Keep in mind that changing your network configurations may cause problems with your broadband connection if you connect to the Internet with a broadband connection. Finally, the router might assign your computer dynamic IP addresses if your home network is set to a network router and may trigger problems while specifying a static IP address.

· In windows Vista & Later

  1. Click on start open Control Panel
  2. Click on the Share Center Network icon.
  3. Click the Local Area Connection or Ethernet link in the View of your active networks section or click on the name of the Internet connection next to Connections.
  4. Click the Properties icon in the Local Area or Ethernet Status window.
  5. Select the version 6 (TCP / IPv6) of the Internet Protocol or 4 (TCP / IPv4) link in the Properties window and then press the “Properties” key The connection you want is based on your Internet or network connection type of Internet protocol.
  6. Choose “Use the following IP address” choice if not already chosen in the Properties window of the Internet Protocol. Set your desired new IP address. The subnet mask and default gateway must also be specified.

· In windows XP and previous Versions

  1. Click on start open Control Panel in control panel right click on My Network Places and select Properties
  2. Click key of internet properties in Internet Protocol (IP/TCP). If you can’t see that option then Internet Protocol (IP/TCP) protocol have to install.
  3. Click “Use the following IP Address” option if you have not chosen any specific new IP address yet. Don’t forget to specify subnet mask and default gateway.

· How to Change Your IP address Using Windows Command prompt

You can change the IP address of a computer by pursuing the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open “Windows Command Prompt Interface” by pressing the windows+R button mutually.
  2. Enter netsh.
  3. You can change your IP address, Subnet Mask and default gateway by following Instruction below

interface ip set address name=”[connection name]” static [IP address] [Subnet Mask] [Default Gateway]

If you want to create new IP address change command [name of the connection]

“Local Area Connection” or “Wi-Fi” are the most common names for network connections Substitute the IP address for your new IP address and replace the default gateway address with the correct gateway address and [subnet mask] with the genuine subnet mask.

interface ip set address name=”Local Area Connection” static

The command above, for instance, would alter to, the IP address of the local area network. It would also display for the subnet mask and for the default gateways.

How to Change Your IP address on Linux

How to define and change your network configurations using the command prompt can be found in the following data. You will need root access to modify your network configurations.

  1. Get to your shell
  2. Move to the network directory /etc / sysconfig.
  3. Change files in the interface and change the configuration of your network in this file.

➢ Check online My IP address

If you want to know “What is my IP”, simply go on the web browser type “what is my IP” tap search.  Using online websites is the simplest way to solve the matter (what is my IP) and requires just one click. Opening any of the websites provides you with your IP address and you can note that somewhere for future use in case of need.

➢ Can anybody else modify your IP address?

Anyone who does not have the access to your network router outside of their home network cannot modify your IP address. If your IP address has changed, don’t worry about the security of your computer. This is more probable to be ordinary than a cyber attack.

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