How Is API Related to SEO?

How Is API Related to SEO

APIs allow SEO strategists to crack open the door to data access across various sources. API data is used by SEO pros to automate workflows, find errors, discover insights, and enrich strategic reporting. With this in mind, we’ll take a look at the relationships between APIs and SEO.

Improving Data Quantities

Data is the backbone of website improvement and the more you have, the more you can improve. By embedding APIs into Python code and practicing some persistence, you can gain access to much more data. For example, the Google Analytics Console, which is tedious at times, can be used as an API that opens the door to much more information. On the backend of your website, you will need to keep track of all APIs you use, which is achieved using API Management Tools.

Report Automation

Automation is a common buzzword in technology right now, and it’s no different in the SEO world. APIs can be used to generate reports displaying data in actionable formats. At the center of SEO APIs is Google Analytics, which is the most used API on the internet and has connections with the majority of other SEO tools.

As well as having a fantastic range of data on their dashboard, APIs can be added to Google Sheets to track data directly into a spreadsheet, which saves you needlessly typing data. Further, if you want to monitor your live Lighthouse score, you can integrate the Lighthouse API and input a simple formula into Sheets.

Connecting Tools for Workflow Creation

SEO professionals will usually have a crawler on their site, which constantly analyzes information. However, these crawlers have further uses including automatically sending subdomain details to search engines. This is achieved using a crawler’s API and allowing full usage of website information.

Crawler APIs can have a range of different uses. For example, through Slack, you can create notifications for developers whenever an error is picked up. Then, they can fix the code and confirm completion much faster. Alternatively, you could use SEMrush’s API to autofill keyword information into writing briefs.

Merging Data from Different Sources

Having access to different analytics is great for SEO. However, it can be difficult to view different data sets holistically. Fortunately, by using APIs, you can merge data into one set of usable information. For example, if you’re trying to assess your content’s performance, you can combine information from Google Analytics and your CMS API.

Why APIs Should Be Introduced to Your SEO Strategy

The change has already taken place, but over the coming years, SEO will be impossible to tackle without the use of APIs. The best way to futureproof your website is by exploring APIs now, as you’ll have time to practice implementation to get the most out of them.

APIs are the face of systems born from machine learning and Python code, and they allow you to use them without the need to learn code, which is what SEO specialists will be looking for going forward. Essentially, APIs mean less work and more data analysis for businesses.

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