How to Improve Keyword Ranking on Google

Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

Keyword ranking is that where your site is ranked in search engines for a keyword and has a major knock on your Web traffic, lead generation and conversions. The higher you rank on that SERP, the better off you are. Getting more organic traffic is one of the targets for most of the bloggers. You will have to do many things perfectly for achieving more search engine traffic. Keyword research is important, some keywords may be very tough to rank just because some of the top-notch blogs may be also trying to rank for the same.

You should try to rank for vying keywords only if you have been simply able to rank for keywords having less and normal competition. Search engine traffic is not only gratis but it will send you the most equipped buyers to your websites if keywords are perfectly used on your web pages. Ranking for a keyword and clutching top most positions for it is not easy task especially if you are a newcomer to SEO. What you really wish is to rank higher and to be on upper, ahead of opponent sites.

For both organic SERP and Ad Words, higher keyword rank can be accomplished with keyword research tools. Do track rankings for the right keywords as if you are going to aggravation tracking your keyword rankings in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing make sure you are targeting on the right keywords for your website. Have a link-worthy site and target on creating relevant links within the text. Rather having “click here” links, try creating out the name of the destination.

Always describe your video and visual media using alternative text descriptions and alt tags. They allow search engines to locate your page, this is important because some use text-only browsers. Publishing relevant content and updating that content regularly helps in increasing keyword ranking. The best pages are written for the readers, not for the search engine, so it should be the number one driver of your search engine rankings. Always try to include the keyword in the blog post title because without keyword in your blog post title, achieving higher search engine ranking can be very hard.

You can’t assume your blog posts to rank if the quality is very poor or if the content length is short. That’s why content length and quality both matters. Regularly posting good quality posts make you to able overshadow your competitors easily. There are some other factors: Start focusing on long-tail keywords, Get more social shares to improve keyword ranking, Build backlinks by commenting, guest posting etc., Attract quality links for every post you write and Optimize your blog post title and add keyword to post and media.


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