How to Write Better Content for Social Media

How to Write Better Content for Social Media

In this modern world of ever evolving technological changes, social media is everywhere around you. Social media has changed the entire marketing landscape. It is the way you can reach a wide range of audiences across the world within minutes for promoting your products and services. However, social media is not about just creating content or posting frequently for promotion of products/services. Here are some innovative ideas which can help you in writing better social media.

Be careful- It’s always not about you

Remember to never go aboard with advertising your products and services all the time. This can have a negative effect on your social media statistics. Follow the 80-20 rule which says that 80% of your posts should be about industry news, events or happenings and other things which engage your audience and is of interest to them.

Only about 20% of the posts should be promotional for the benefit and usefulness of the audience. You can add various discounts and promotions too within those posts and a clear call to action which inspires them to know more about your product and leads to conversion in the future.

Craft Share-Worthy Posts

A share-worthy post is one which finds enough value to be shared with friends and colleagues. By sharing posts from influencers and expert sources within your domain you can gain audience trust and credibility. Also, by sharing your data let the numbers and stats speak for themselves. Mobile has become a mandatory part of our lives. Make your content mobile friendly so that the content can be viewed and shared as well on the mobile web.

Understand Difference between Voice and Tone

You need to maintain a consistent voice for all your posts and using different tones for varied social media platforms can work. Each platform has a different purpose and the length/timing can also vary. For instance, your tone on LinkedIn needs to be a bit serious, while on Twitter your tone can be more conversational and sound fun. Also, make sure to create compelling headlines for greater impact and better social media engagement.

Use Effective Images

Images are magnetic in their ability to be significant boosters for generating audience interest and engagement. Use effective images and visually appealing graphics in your posts. Make sure that the images are of high quality, impressive so that they are able to create visually stimulating brand engagement within your target audience. They should be absolutely relevant for your audience for desired results.

Be Grammatically Correct

If you want that your audience should respect for what you are writing on your social media posts, use your grammar, punctuation and spellings correctly. To be on the safer side, read your own work over a couple of times to be sure that there are no errors. There is absolutely no scope of having errors related to punctuation, spellings and grammar as they can make your brand look sloppy despite quality content.

Using Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags nowadays have become a great way to categorize data on social media. They have become essential and are easy to track the promotional activity across various social media networks. Starting a conversation and tracking it becomes easy by using various hashtags. People who use hashtags are more likely to get connected with other social media users on various networks.

It is true that many people are not very clear in their understanding about the usage of hashtags. In some specific cases, dialogue about the brand and specific initiatives also become possible by the usage of various hashtags. They can be used on all of the major social media platforms. In fact, besides using the trendy ones you can also use some of your created ones to build your own following. Knowing how to use them is fundamental to your success on social media.

Place Social Media Sharing Buttons

It is important to get the placement of your social media buttons correct. Great content needs to be complemented by social media sharing buttons which can make sharing readily available. It is not enough to have attractive looking buttons.
For making it easy to share social media posts, you should place social media share buttons at the bottom of the posts. In case of longer posts, readers are less likely to share them if they have to return right to the top. You need to catch your reader’s attention and make it convenient for them to share your content with their friends.

Consistency is Important

It is critical that you keep the content consistent in all your social media posts. Conflicting messages will harm the reputation of your brand. Once created, your brand story should run throughout your social media content. The consistency should be such that even if the audience does not see your logo, they should be able to recognize your brand by its tone, images and the content which ties everything together and stays interconnected.

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