How to install and Setup Yoast SEO plugin in Word Press

How to install Yoast SEO plugin

Word Press is one of the first rated, if not the best content management systems when it comes to Search engine optimization. That being said, having time on your Word Press SEO probably seems like a decay of time, it most obviously is not. So optimizing your website to the best strategies outlined in this blog will help you enhance your rankings, get more subscribers and have a best website in general. Whenever we talk about the best SEO Plugins for Word Press, search engine optimization might emerge as a leading name.

This plugin has unified many known features of other plugins and this plugin providing many features so, setting up the Yoast Word Press SEO plugin is not that easy. If you have been using another SEO plugin, such as in One SEO pack then it’s a really easy process. This article will help you transition from ultimate SEO to the Yoast SEO plugin, and guide you configure this plugin for optimal SEO performance. This plugin verify sites in Google, Bing and Alexa and hide date from search engine snippets.

Yoast comes to practice when it comes to Word Press SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin is by far the most extensively used SEO plugin online, because of its features and ease of use. The very first step you should do after installing Yoast SEO plugin is to go Dashboard > Features > Advances setting pages and enable this feature. In the case you are installing Yoast SEO on a Word Press blog where you were using other SEO plugin, after activating advanced settings go to SEO > Tools> Import and Export > Import from other SEO plugins in the left panel.

Pick the plugin from which you would like to import your settings. The first walk to getting started with this plugin is to submit your site to Google, Bing and Alexa. After installing the plugin, click on SEO > Dashboard > Webmaster Tools to access this page. This is one of the most vital parts of this plugin, once you click on “Titles & Meta’s”, click on the “General” tab to see first what separator is being used and what that separator does.

How to add install the plugin

Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
Write Word Press SEO by Yoast in the Search box.
Click the Install Now link.
A pop-up alert box will ask if you really want to install the plugin, click OK.
In a few seconds the plugin will be automatically downloaded and installed.

At the first look all these settings and options might seem overwhelming, but in actually, all it takes is some grit and attention to details. As most of the check-boxes and options have clear descriptions, so make sure to read them all.

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