Internal Linking Is Important For Modern SEO Sites

Internal Linking Is Important For Modern SEO Sites

Most people come up with two questions when it comes to internal linking. These are ‘why’ and ‘how?’

  • Why: Links are important to Google as it uses these links to find out the relation of the content on your site as well as the value of the content itself.
  • How: Add links considering the structure of your site and knowing what type of links are most important for it.

Simple as it may sound, it is factually far from it by any measure. This article will help you in your link building process.

Relationship with the content

Any website created will only do well when Google crawl it. This it does by following the links, both internal and external. For that matter it uses the Google bot that is found at the homepage of the site. It renders the page and also follows the first link to find out the relationship between:

  • The various pages
  • The different posts and
  • All the other contents.

As a result, Google finds out those pages on your site that cover the same subject matter. The links will ensure that Google understands the tags as well as the relation of those with your content on those specific pages.

The link value

Apart from understanding the relationship of the link and your content, Google also splits the link value between all the available links on a specific web page. Ideally, it is the homepage of any website that has the most valuable link. This is because it has the maximum number of backlinks.

However, this link value should be shared between all the available links that are found on that homepage of the website. It is for this reason Google passes the link value to the subsequent pages by dividing between the links on that page and other pages that follow. This helps in a number of ways but the most significant ones are:

  • It adds more value to your newest blog posts
  • It will enable to link other pages and value directly from the homepage
  • It adds value to the category pages as well.

The most significant benefit is that Google will be able to find your new posts quickly and more easily only if these are linked to the homepage.

To ensure that you get this benefit that will ensure better SEO, higher ranks and an increased traffic, you will need to make sure that the links used passes the link value on to the other pages. By hiring a professional you will understand and make sure that more links are added to the post to give it more value.

This will meet with the Google requirements of ranking a page which is getting more valuable links. It will increase your chances of getting a higher page ranking and a better SEO.

Setting the site structure

While setting up your internal linking strategy it is vital that you remember that it is very important to evaluate and improve it as well and do not limit it to its creation only. It will keep your site as well as your links updated and useful at all times and for all. This is crucial for your site’s SEO.

Experts say that adding the right internal links in your site is so important because it will make Google understand a few basic things required for ranking such as:

  • Relevance of the pages
  • Relationship between the pages and
  • Value of the pages.

For that, you must first add the ideal structure for your website. The best way to set up is to consider the site as a pyramid where:

  • On top of it will be the homepage
  • Below that will be the different categories and sections and
  • Further down will be the individual pages posts with the subcategories, if any, in between.

If it is done well, then the menu of your website will reflect the site structure.

Most important content

When you have determined the structure of your site, you must next focus on your content. You must first find out what type of content and topic is most important for your site. If you are not sure, you can search on the internet for a few cornerstone contents. Even better is hiring a writer to create a great content.

However, it is required that you make sure that you put up a content that is:

  • The best
  • Most intuitive
  • Complete and
  • Easy to understand content.

Ideally, your content is the core of your business and is the most important element for Google to rank your site high. Therefore, you should never refrain from investing in making your site an SEO site. This will ensure that people finds your content when they search for a product or a topic that you specialize in.

An SEO site with a great content will let Google know that it is the most crucial content but when you add several links to it, Google finds it much easier to understand.

Different links to add

There are several different types of internal links that you can add to your site. It can be:

  • Contextual links
  • Links for navigation and
  • Links for taxonomies.

Adding contextual links is required when you write different articles on a specific topic. These links will link one with the other and show Google as well as the users that the posts are related topically. You can put in at the end of your post or link directly from any sentence in your copy.

You will need to add navigational links from the homepage or top navigation in addition to contextual links if you wish to make your content more authoritative.  Make sure that the posts and pages having such links are the most important ones to your business.

Lastly, you can add links to the taxonomies such as the categories and tags. This will help Google to understand the subject matter of your content as well as the structure of your blog. To further better your SEO strategy, you may also add links to recent or popular posts.

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