Mobile Application Design Expenses; Uber & Instagram, Cases in Point

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Similar-looking apps are all over these days. But what sets them apart from each other is their designs. Let’s face it… you can find multiple social media apps only reliant on ensuring chatting, newsfeeds, posting, and committing. You can find various apps only for those functionalities, which is quite uncalled-for, if I’m being honest. Then again, people have longings for well-proportioned app designs. So each individual predominantly uses their own matching design-based app. That’s one way to put how app design is an integral part of an outright app. However, when it comes to the App Design Costs, there is the only thing to say that is viable here – it depends on app design development perspectives.

App Design Costs rest on developers, technical stacks, software development companies, and more than that, app’s complexity and simplicity – those are the app design’s slices too. Although app functionalities fascinate people to a significance, app design can absorb people’s attention more than ever. So I can say… in a way, custom cost to make an app is partially based on UI/UX (Design). 

Similarly, how much time will it take to build an app’s design? How does the design development process go? And on top of that, how much an app design can cost? We’ll answer those questions throughout this blog. And we’ll also explain how much Uber and Instagram designs have cost – a case in point to broaden your awareness. KEEP READING!

As the app design cost, on the whole, is at the mercy of the design process, so let’s get on with it.

UI/UX Design Approach

It’s essential to know about the design development workflow, even though many software development companies have their own methods to go with it. What’s better? It helps you estimate the app’s design development cost bits by bits. Here we’ll illustrate the best roadmap, especially for the UI/UX design development.

1 – Design Market Research

It’s prudent enough to endure design market research prior to its development initiatives. Market research is a commendable technique to ensure app design for a long-term perspective, although it also comes with a modest cost. On the other hand, this process is carried out by the development team to build efficient app UI/UX. Not to mention this technique lets the development team identify users’ demands out there. Moreover, this process includes gathering information about the competitors’ apps’ designs. That, in particular, also offers prevailing insights about building a competent design.

2 – Wireframing

The second step that comes in the app’s design process is wireframing. Relatively, this process is easy and yet has significant effects on the app. Wireframing is the process of building an app roughly, establishing a well-read app idea through papers and linkages. It helps stakeholders and developers understand the whole concept of the app – even the nitty-gritty bits. In addition, enduring such a process can help envision an outright future app.

3 – Prototyping

In a way, wireframing comes under the umbrella of prototyping. They both aim at modeling dummy apps for understating the utter concept of what needs to be built. But, on the other hand, prototyping slightly stands, unlike to the wireframing process. You can quickly create the absolute UI via digital platforms through prototyping, which helps view the app in detail. In this process, designers graphically build the app’s UI. And that includes the app’s icon screen design along with a number of components, animations, etc.

More importantly, it helps gather feedback from the users, featuring improvement openings prior to its actual development. One thing that makes this sheer process an important one is – it helps comprehend building the future look of the app.

Moving on… to the following app design cost by region.

Regional Costs of an App Design

The cost of the app’s design development differs from region to region. Varied places have diverse app developers’ costs. You can also predict price via a simple formula based on regional costs – (developers per hour charge x total development time = App Design Cost. That’s how simple you can estimate the sum of cost once you know the local outlays.

The harsh reality; it’s most likely that you’ll end up with a fruitless app when you consider low-cost developers in that zone. So, it’s also cunning to know about developers’ expertise and experience on that subject – even for the high-priced developers.

Hourly Rates of Regional App Designers

As discussed earlier, the app developer and designer costs are subject to the outsourced company’s abode. In light of that, we’ve pulled together an averagely composed chart that illustrates the regional app designers’ costs.

Developers’ hourly Cost by GoodFirms.

CountryDevelopers Hourly Cost
Canada100-150 US dollars/hr.
Australia100-149 US dollars/hr.
United States100-150 US dollars/hr.
UK50-99 US dollars/hr.
Western Europe50-99 US dollars/hr.
Eastern Europe25-49 US dollars/hr.
India25-49 US dollars/hr.

Uber And Instagram Design Costs

The most prestigious and well-designed apps, such as Instagram and Uber, have the most sought-after UI/UX designs that captivate nearly every user’s attention. To that end, let’s have a customary idea about the cost of their designs per screen.

Uber App Design Cost

It goes without saying that Uber has a breathtaking UI/UX that knocks us all out. I must say… part of its dramatic popularity is due to its impeccable design. Then again, you must wonder such app designs would have cost uber enterprise a fortune. But sadly, that was not the case. If we estimate the total design cost of uber, then it would rest between $8360 – 62,700. For such an app design, that’s barely exceeding.

Instagram App Design Cost

Another case in point: Instagram. This app’s design also captures our attention. More than that, the Instagram designers, through meticulous observation, had predicted users’ psychology that resulted in such an excellent and lively design. Although comparatively, its total design cost is reduced than of Uber’s. The Instagram’s app total design cost is between – 5300 – 54,750$.

Wrapping it up

To sum up, app design plays a stirring role for its users out there. Not to mention the craftier the app design, the better potential it’ll have to thrive out there. Plus, the User interface directly affects the User experience. However, a better user experience comes from robust functionalities for some bits, resulting from a cutting-edge backend infrastructure. Nevertheless, for a more compelling user experience, a vibrant user interface is the way to go.

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