Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Improve Landing Page Conversions

Landing pages are created for generating leads which ultimately get converted into customers, thus bringing in more profits. However, merely creating landing pages for this purpose is not enough. You need to apply various methods for improving your landing page conversions.

Every element available on your landing page should have a strategic reason behind it, instead of being there simply to fill up space. For staying on the right path, here are some valuable tips for making changes on your landing pages in order to help you improve its conversion rate.

Create Killer Headlines

All of us know that the attention span of online viewers is really short and it boils down to few seconds. You have to grab their attention at any cost within these few seconds. The headlines need to be concise and appealing to be able to attract attention of the online viewer so that it sums up your proposition. The headlines should be crafted in such a way that its benefit is highlighted within it and they know the advantage of being on your landing page. Does it provide them a great deal which they can’t afford to miss or does the page provide them with valuable advice they simply can’t ignore?

Eye Catching Design

A landing page with dull colors and zero visual appeal will garner hardly any conversions. A landing page has to contain attractive or striking images with good use of colors and should bear a stimulated look. A dull and uninspiring look will not help the landing page in creating more conversions for the business. Besides having written quality content on the page, make sure that the landing page bears an overall attractive look. Your main image should connect to the product/service you are selling. The images should be compelling enough to encourage them for scrolling down through the content.

Perfect Functionality

There’s nothing like finding yourself all excited to buy a product on their landing page and then finding suddenly that there are issues with the order form. This kind of a situation can be disastrous and implies that online visitors will leave your website, frustrated without buying anything. The solution is practical and surely simple enough: in case of an e-commerce website, check your order processing religiously once a month on your landing page so that you can be sure that it is free of any technical glitches.

Time Sensitive Call to Action

A landing page might have a call to action, however there is a need to create urgency in case you want more conversions. It has been found out that such techniques do the trick and are quite effective, though unfortunately it is missed out by a lot of marketers. A sense of urgency like a countdown clock or a statement which says ’limited supply…won’t last” definitely creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the visitor and compels them to act quickly.

A prominent and clear call to action needs to be created. Besides this, you should make sure to remove any distractions on your website such as your site’s navigation which could be serving as a distraction for them to leave your site, including any outbound links or company logo etc. It is as simple as that – the only thing you would want your visitors to do is to take action when they visit your landing page.


When we make any purchase from a company’s landing page visitors always have certain expectations regarding the credibility of the product or service being offered. They want the source from where they are purchasing the product to be trustworthy and credible so that there are no issues while buying it. It should also contain detailed info regarding brand selling it and regarding the product itself so that they know that they are in safe hands. In fact, to assure them of your credibility, you can even include customer testimonials with positive comments about your product.

Split Testing

This is the most crucial part of the entire process. Split testing basically refers to having run different versions of your landing page in the form of various options for improving its effectiveness. If you aren’t split testing the results, there is no way you can figure out what’s working and what’s not. There are a variety of ways for running split tests for your landing page.

Split testing is quite a powerful way to ensure yourself that you are not wasting all those valuable time and efforts. There are two ways of running tests: A/B split testing and multivariate testing. A/B split testing refers to tests that pit one variable against the other alternative whereas multivariate testing refers to combinations of different variables.

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