Top Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook Tips and Tricks

It is widely known that Facebook is the most popular social media platform till date. Any business who wants to survive in this digital age needs to have a Facebook presence for building its social media presence and for promoting its products. There is also an absolute need to optimise your Facebook presence and to make use of some smart strategies for increasing audience engagement, creating a quality social media footprint and to invoke conversions on your website.

Timing is Everything

Though your presentation and content is highly important for your Facebook posts, their timing is equally critical. Time zones vary across different parts of the world. This should invoke you to schedule your posts in such a way that you are able to reach your target audience during the active part of their day. Results will vary and will be different for various types of audiences.

You can use the scheduling post feature available on Facebook and reach your audience in any part of the world. The best way is to reach through trial and error, and applying it as an old fashioned way for figuring out the best time for the specific audience you are trying to engage. Some sources showing stats about social media do indicate that the best days to reach your targeted audience on Facebook are Thursday and Friday, while it is best to post at around 1 pm for shares.

Give Preference to Images

The fact is that pictures are shared twice more than simply text and links. Including an attractive image, which goes with your content stands out from the rest of the posts on cluttered newsfeeds of the online audience. Other handy tips for sharing images include using lifestyle images, focusing on real images, inspirational quotes etc.

Use Keyword Research

All your social media marketing efforts should begin with an in-depth keyword research for the social media platforms you are using. Zeroing in on the keywords and using them to determine the most popular ones is the best way to write the content for your posts. Keyword Research helps to know the needs and wants of social communities and gives you maximum value for all social media efforts you are putting. By using proper keyword techniques and by conducting keyword research, you can construct your message accordingly and increase your organic reach on Facebook.

Call to Action

The last thing you would want your audience to do after viewing your posts is to leave without performing any action. Instead, you would want to become a part of their news feeds. It could be as simple as merely “Like us” which will result in your posts becoming a part of their feeds. There are various other options of “call to action” buttons on Facebook too which you could select as per the requirements. Other buttons include “Sign Up”, “Contact Us” etc. These could link directly to your website homepage or to a landing page.

Run Contests on Facebook

Generate further interest among your Facebook fans by running various contests. There could be different types of contests as per the target audience which will generate audience engagement and encourage high audience participation. It can contribute in uplifting your account activity in terms of numbers. At times you can even conduct mini giveaways to simply ask your audience a simple question and then rating it from 1 to 100. Pick the winners randomly and announce them after the expiration date. An increase in fan base and a traffic boost are other benefits associated with conducting contests on Facebook.

Conducting Polls

Researching on the trendy topics and conducting public polls is also a creative way of bringing in more visitors and generating their interest in your brand. Conduct polls on Facebook using various readily available tools and Apps. If you manage to garner high participation, it is an excellent opportunity to retain audience interest. Announce the results publicly afterwards by pinning it and putting it on the top.

Use Hashtags within your Posts

Hashtags play an important role in bringing your posts to the relevant people and increasing the life span of your posts. Use trendy hashtags to increase audience engagement and user interactions. Irrelevant hashtags are spoliers, so never make the mistake of using them in your posts. You can also make your own hashtags by using the brand’s name. Always limit the number of your hashtags by a few instead of using dozens of them.

Provide Valuable Content

After judging and recognizing who your target audience is, consider carefully the type of content which will suit your audience in the best way. Remember that your product is unique and has its own identity. There are many things which only your brand can do better in comparison to others and therefore focus on it in your Facebook strategy. Consider yourself a seasoned expert in your niche and the innovative ways you can offer long term solutions to the audience. Think in details how your brand can stand out in this crowded marketplace and the ways you can translate the impact of your posts into conversions and ultimately an increase in revenue.

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