How to Promote your Blog for Free

How to Promote your Blog for Free

If you want to grow the popularity of your blog by leaps and bounds, you will have to scoop out time to promote it. There are millions of blogs out there on the web and simply having relevant or quality content is not enough to increase your popularity and to ultimately boost the traffic for your blog. Here are some valuable tips and smart tactics for promoting your blog real-time.

Post Frequently on Your Blog

One of the most effective ways to get more traffic on your website is to publish more articles and to post more frequently. Every new post acts as an additional source for search engines to locate your blogs. The articles should not be too short and too concise. Publishing more content will lead to a manifold increase in the traffic and when you do that, you will notice a boost in the traffic on your blog.

Commenting on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs does not have to be always considered only as one of the ways to get backlinks. Regularly participating and commenting on other blogs can be a wonderful way to position yourself as an authority and being a part of the online community. Post your comment on other blogs only if you have something substantial and valuable to say as a feedback or as an additional piece of information. If you are successfully able to do that, then you are effectively adding value which is great for the blogger as well as for the intended audience.

Participation in Communities across Social Media

Participating and contributing to more relevant information in the discussions across social media groups helps to increase public awareness in social media platforms and various forums. Helping people solve their queries and questions will alleviate your prominence across various Facebook Groups and on other social media channels. Not only will you get new ideas of what to write about by observing the trends across these groups, you will also have an audience who is eager to read your new content on your blog.

However, you have to take care to be quite regular in participating in various communities and groups as public memory is short. By being regularly active on these groups and interacting with other members, this ultimately increases the popularity of your blog. In fact, you can simply put your blog’s website in your signature and leave it at that. In fact, if the community is associated with a large brand or a high authority website, in such a case it will be a wonderful opportunity to get onto their radar.

Optimize your Blogs from an SEO perspective

For most of the existing blogs on the internet, search engines are the most popular source for generating traffic. It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it is crucial that you optimize your blog as well as your post.  Use relevant keywords and optimize each article so that all your posts rank well on major search engines including Google and Bing.

Guest Blogging on other Blogs

One of the other popular and fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing guest posts on other people’s blogs. Guest Posting is an effective way to get your name out there in the right targeted community or intended audience. Your content should be relevant to the blog you are writing on and as well as to your own blog. You can include a short and concise bio at the end of the article which will have a link to your blog. In fact, this can be quite beneficial for you for generating a lot of traffic.

Sharing on Social Media

Every time you publish a new post on your blog, make sure that you share it on social media. Don’t share it merely once, in fact you can continue sharing it after every few weeks and every few months. Join all the popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and always keep updating your accounts on the popular platforms whenever you post new content on your blog.

All of these efforts increases awareness of your blog and gives it more exposure to the online audience. It is crucial that you regularly recycle old content on different social media platforms which can also generate a good number of visitors and increase the traffic on your blog.

Building your Email List

Building your own email list is extremely important for any blogger looking for heavily promoting their blog as an email is one of the easiest ways to directly communicate with your subscribers. An email list means that you have access to a database of all those people and you can always communicate and reach out to them. Make sure that you post only relevant and interesting stuff so that visitors keep on returning on your blog and they share your content heavily. That sharing activity also brings new visitors on your blog.

Blog Contests

Blog contest is a great way to promote your blog. You can get the word out about your blog contest by announcing it on various contest websites. You can also hold a unique blogging contest and make it mandatory for all participants to share your article on social media or blog about it. You can collect your entries by using blog comments, social shares or even email sign ups.

Make sure that your prize is exciting and inspiring enough for your target audience to enter and participate in the contest. It should preferably be always something related to your product. Also, in case you are able to get a few sponsors and have them talk about your contest in their blogs, this will prove to be quite fruitful in increasing your blog’s popularity within the online communities.

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