Top Free Website Designing Tools

Free Website Designing Tools

Web designing is a technique involving varied skills ranging from artistic to creative abilities for producing great results. Here, we present a list of the best free web designing tools you can use for your website if you are building it from scratch or in case you are looking for revamping your existing website design.

These tools won’t cost you anything and will enable you to incorporate all those special design features you have always wanted to add while designing your web pages.


Canva is a wonderful and effective marketing tool for designers. This comprehensive tool is a haven for fulfilling all your graphic and professional needs for your website. There are hundreds of options as well as features available which can give you impressive logos, social media pages, beautiful designs, templates, flyers and many more marketing materials.


Infographics is a wonderful graphic way of presenting your information in a visually appealing way with relevant facts, stats and information. A great perfect tool for creating Infographics is and it has a variety of features associated with it. It allows a free option which you can use to make Infographic charts and pre-designed themes. You can also upload a limited number of images on the website. Besides the free option, they do have a variety of paid plans.

Displaying Presentations

You can create impressive and engaging presentations by using a creative tool called as Prezi. It has a wide variety of options for creating visually appealing presentations for displaying your message and conveying an effective storytelling power. There are a lot of paid options available. If you have a free public account, your Prezi will be searchable and viewable by people from anywhere and that is sure an added bonus. Other notable features this tool offers is Embedded Videos, Charts, Image Editing and much more.

Making Logos

Logaster is quite an easy and quick way of creating logos online. Logos have to be creative and Logaster is a simple solution when you need a creative logo fast within minutes. This free tool gives you the ability to create logos online with its templates even if you are not a design professional. This feature surely gives it an edge over other competitors and anyone literally can make logos using this tool. You can create a Free Account on the website. Besides a free account, it also offers affordable packages and high-quality design wherein you can save a lot of money instead of burning your pocket for deciding upon a Logo as your corporate identity for your business.

Color Palette

The most popular tools which have a large fan following are ColorZilla and Colourlovers. They have a wealth of colors and patterns to help inspire you. They also give a variety of browser-based tools used to create new designs so that you can use it in your own creations. The Color codes are both provided in RGB and hex. ColorZilla assists graphic designers with all of their graphic design needs. Both also contain a Color Gradient and a lot other advanced color tools. In fact, with ColorZilla you will be able to get the colour reading from any point, adjust colour and inspect the palette of colours.


This is a completely free Internet-based photo editor to enhance images and allows you to edit and create images. You have to choose from a pool to give a finishing touch to your images and even create new images, exactly the way you want. There are options to stylize images to give it a look the way you want.

It gives you two options to choose from – Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. There is also a rather cool option called O Matic and another one called Touch Up. You can have total control on all your images including layers and effects. You don’t need to download anything in your browser and as long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to use it extensively for great results.


If you are looking for a website which provides genuinely free photographs and images, Unsplash is here for you. By using this, you are absolutely free to edit, distribute or use the images. It is the perfect example of a gallery with photographs taken by real people and the website posts 10 unique handpicked photos after every 10 days. The pictures available on this website are high resolution, high-quality pictures and available freely to download from the website.

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  1. All the Web Design tools share in this article are best no doubt but Canva is the best option to design a website.

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