Tips for Effective Forum Posting in SEO

Tips for Effective Forum Posting in SEO

With the search giant Google dominating search industry since many years now, businesses have been using various techniques to get higher rankings on Google search engine results. The fact is that with the increase in the search advertising market, competing with it is going to get tougher with every passing day. One of the procedures helpful in achieving it is Search Engine Optimization which helps in achieving the desired results on Search engine ranking pages.

As one of the off-page optimization techniques, Forums are quite useful for achieving the targeted traffic and also aid in generating theme based links. Forums play the role of bringing together different people having a common interest on the same platform. Visitors can utilize forums for various purposes including updating their knowledge and gaining more information. Here is some useful advice for posting your website on various forums.

Should be of the Same Niche

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while posting on a forum is that it should of the same niche as that of your website. If you end up posting on a forum which is completely unrelated to your website, it can affect your search engine rankings in a negative manner.

Finding Quality Forums

As per the old adage, quality should always be given preference compared to simply quantity. The same principle applies to link building. Make sure that you research the forums well and select only those forums which are of good quality. Quality forums have a huge traffic and you sure have a lot of scope to receive free traffic using the right forums. Besides going for quality forums, you also need to post quality content which readers find useful.

Addition of Links

You can add links within your signatures at the end of each comment on the forums, however, the reality is that in some forums, for creating signature which contain a link along with your keyword, you need to post a specific number of times in order to earn a certain level of reputation. Once you reach that level, then only you will be able to add your signature. The biggest advantage of adding a signature at the end of your post is to include a backlink going to your website from that forum. Therefore forums are helpful in creating live links and the more the number of postings, the more backlinks you will make.

Easy to Start off

It is not a mammoth task to build a profile. First, you will have to create a profile by using the correct name of your business including your URL, social media links and contact information. You should describe your company briefly and can also add your signature each and every time you post on the forum. There should no more than two links in your signature.

Provide details about those links so that the audience can understand about the nature of your blog in detail instead of posting a number of links which will instead confuse your reader. Also, since each forum has a separate set of rules for its members; it is advisable to be totally sure regarding all the allowed and restricted features beforehand in order to avoid any inconvenience or hassle.

Positive Feedback from other Readers

Every forum has a feedback feature wherein they are able to voice their opinion regarding any other forum participants. If you receive a positive feedback from your readers, it sure is an indication of more popularity which means online visibility. Once you establish a mutual trust among the people on that forum, you will be able to offer your products and services. Never hard sell your products and services right away.

Consistency is Important

Posting multiple times in a day for a couple of days and then stopping abruptly can be the cause issues with your website from Google’s perspective, so be very careful about the frequency of posting. Posting a couple of times every day is the ideal thing to do if you want to benefit from your forum postings. Post 2-3 times a day and don’t expect impressive results within a day. Never spam the forums, otherwise Google can bring all your efforts to a standstill due to which your ranking could drop by leaps and bounds.

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