How to Leverage your Content

How to Leverage your Content

We have often heard the words “Content is king!” This is indeed true in today’s digital world. However, it can be practically implemented if and only when we leverage our written content in the right places for the promotion of our products and services.

In fact within the world of digital marketing, quality content creation and its marketing has become one of the hottest trends in the industry. Here are some really useful ways which can prove helpful in leveraging valuable content to capture your target audience attention.

Research is Critical

Performing a detailed research is critical for content marketing. You must find out the trends associated with your industry and procure information about your competitors. Looking at what they are doing is also equally important to estimate their strategies, in case they are doing better than you in keeping the audience engaged and in creating conversions. Researching relevant info will also help in preparing a customer base and working upon your brand positioning in the present market.

Engaging with Followers

Interacting with your followers on the major social media platforms is quite significant if you want to be remembered amongst a horde of other competitors. Not paying attention to your comments can be a major discouraging factor for readers, who would otherwise want to comment on your blog.

This could also discourage them to visit your website ever again. It is recommended to encourage positive comments and reply to appropriate queries or questions if any. This will also implore them to further share your content on major social media platforms.

Re-using your Content

The content created should be such that it is useful for years to come for your readers. Such content can also be reused after a specific time period. This has a great potential to bring in a wider audience. Time sensitive posts created frequently cannot be circulated or repeated later when required. Take care to maintain a balance between creating evergreen content and time sensitive data.

Give preference to Quality than Quantity

Focus on creating quality, relevant and original content instead of simply the quantity. Producing quality content is critical in case you would want to reach a wider audience and reap great results. Simply producing content frequently without taking much care about the quality could in fact spoil your website/blog reputation. Taking care of relevant, original and quality content will help you achieve goals you have envisioned for brand building.

Planning Content for every Distribution Channel

You intended content should be planned and customized in such a way that it fulfils to every individual social media platform. For instance, simply visuals/images are best suited for Instagram, whereas other channels, like Facebook require content creation and images as well.

Twitter permits to use a limited set of words and YouTube is the best channel for promoting videos for your business. This brings us to the conclusion that every piece of content you create should be in accordance with the channel it is intended for and the method you intend to use.

Participating in Forums

A great and innovative way to promote your content is by being an active participant on various online forums. There are zillions of online forums within every niche. Find out some popular forums which focus on your domain and start participating in them actively. Whenever any member asks a question or has a query related to your content, you can use this opportunity and excerpt your content if the article answers their questions. The excerpt will also have a link to the full article. You will be amazed to see the results.

Using the Power of Influencers

Influencers or seasoned experts in any specific domain are always looked up to as ideals by the general public. In case if you are able to team up with an expert and get him/her to promote and endorse your product and services, it can be quite beneficial for you. In fact, this can wonders for your brand.

Since influencers have a clout in their respective industry, they can be the reason for an increase in the popularity of a brand by leaps and bounds. Sharing content with them will provide you an opportunity to have your content being read by the influencer’s followers which will ultimately get your brand name recognized in the digital space and increase your brand popularity.

Impact of Social Media

Social media, as everyone knows is an indispensable part of our digital space in today’s technological age. You can promote your content organically and also with the help of paid ads on various social media platforms. Hashtagging correctly will enable your posts to reach the right target. Through floating sponsored ads, you could offer a piece of useful content for your targeted audience on a landing page.

Other methods to circulate your content include remarketing it for users who have visited your blog/website somewhere in the past but did not purchase any product yet. Last but not the least, you can take the help of employees who can be brand advocates and share your content across various social media channels.

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