Top Reasons your Brand should use Video Marketing

Top Reasons your Brand should use Video Marketing

Latest statistics have shown that more than 60% of companies incorporate video marketing within their marketing strategy. This trend had started off in the year 2016 itself and since then has been increasing in a humongous way. Is it worth spending your money and resources on doing video marketing for promoting your products?

Absolutely it is in today’s digital world as video marketing is one of the most profitable marketing tools available out there. Here are few reasons which highlight the reasons why you should use video marketing for your business. The bottom line is that if you haven’t still jumped on the video marketing bandwagon, you will be left behind in this tough competitive race.

Increases Audience Engagement

The key to having an increase in audience engagement and brand awareness is video marketing. On an average the audience tends to share, view, embed and comment a video 10 times more than they would to a blog post which has only content blog posts without any moving visuals. It is a well-known fact that videos also increase brand recognition. The presence of videos can provide businesses the edge they need to have over the others within their competitive market.

Building Trust

The objective of content marketing is to create trust and brand awareness among your target audience. You don’t need to sell directly your products to them. Create quality, relevant and interesting, knowledge-based content which provides them new and updated information which they are looking for over the World Wide Web. Videos have become an integral part of your marketing techniques.

Explanations are provided by Videos

Videos are considered ideal to reach the target audience whenever a new product or service is launched. Explaining in details about the product or service through the use of a video is considered the best way to create interest and curiosity to the prospects and the target audience as well. Also, animated videos are quite popular as they bring together the concepts of entertainment and simplicity. Using explainer videos on the home page of companies is quite common and is considered to be quite effective in promoting new products and services.

Boosts Conversion and Sales

Adding a Product video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. It is a proven scientific fact that visual is our most dominant sense. Since pictures themselves can give a huge boost to engagement, it is unimaginable to even think that what a product video with moving images could do to increase the traffic and brand engagement of your products.

Boost your SEO

By creating interesting videos, you indirectly help in boosting your SEO. When you publish videos, you create backlinks which are indexed by the major search engines, including Google. It is a well-known fact that an effective content marketing strategy helps in ranking your website on SERPs. Include video content on your social media profiles, as people tend to share their content faster on them.

Video marketing is also essential for driving traffic to your website and for increasing the number of visitors. The bounce rate also decreases by itself as people tend to spend a good amount of time on a website where they can watch interesting videos relevant to the products they are looking for. Never underestimate the power of social media and video marketing.

Google loves Videos

Since Google now owns YouTube, therefore there has been an astounding increase in the way your ranking is affected on Google. As per statistics, you are likely to show up 50 times more on the first position of Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Be sure that you have optimized all your videos for SEO by optimizing their titles and descriptions. Provide the next step or call of action for your viewers after they are done watching the video and also, include a link back to your website and products/services.

Encourages Social Shares

The most popular social media platforms encourage video marketing. Social media channels including Facebook have Live Video and Lifestage. The other popular social media platform-Instagram has also made provision of uploading a 60-second video besides the ability to upload images for their audience. People tend to share emotions with their friends and family after they find a video appealing. Social shares can increase traffic to your website. Evoking emotions in marketing has been proven to positively affect consumer decision-making process.

Increase in the number of Mobiles

The major increase in the consumption of videos has been largely attributed to the humongous increase in the number of mobile users with more than 50 percent of all videos being played on mobiles. This major change from desktop to now the mobiles has revolutionized the way digital technology is seen across the world. Since people like to watch videos while on the go, the number of the audience watching videos keeps on expanding with every passing day. If brands understand the viewer experience, it can appeal to the audience and develop a deep connection.

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