How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain Authority (DA) is a website metric which was developed by Moz. The higher this number is, the better it is for your website from a SEO perspective. Increasing your DA simply means an increase your chances of ranking higher on Google and other major search engines. It is an important fact to consider that the Domain Authority Metric is dependent on the number of backlinks to your website.

The best and effective way to increase this metric is to link yourself to such sites which have a high domain authority themselves. The Domain authority of a website exhibits the credibility of a website among other websites. If you want to increase your Domain Authority, you should put the following factors into practice:

Creating Content which is Linkable

Creating original and fresh content in the form of articles, how-to-guides and Infographics can generate a lot of content. It is important that the content you create should be interesting, powerful, enriching and such that viewers would want to share with each other.

Bring something new to the table and your content will be considered as high quality. You can also produce something extremely detailed and bring on such topics which are not time-dependent and those which do not become old or outdated with time. The more quality content you produce, the more authoritative sites will link to you.

Proactive on Social Media

The significance of social media in promoting your website cannot be underestimated. Social Media gives you not only referral traffic but also brand value. It increases audience engagement. Use of social media is almost necessary in today’s digital age to reach a wide audience.

The more quality content you write, the more shareable it will be amongst your target audience. A large fan following is quite beneficial for the domain authority. Make sure that you post links to your content on various social media accounts which will eventually encourage likes and comments from followers.

Strong Internal Linking

High-Quality Internal linking is crucial for obtaining a high domain Authority. When you have a well-developed internal linking structure within your website, it is quite beneficial for the website. A website that has strong interlinking has a well inter-connected structure and collects brownie points from the search engines. The more methodical you become in internally linking your website, the better it is for enhancing the user experience of your visitors and for making the website more user-friendly.
Always have a balance between the number of external and internal links within a page. A vast variety of anchor texts should always be used; though overusing a specific anchor text should always be avoided. Using more than required number of internal links within an article should always be avoided.

Removing Toxic Links Manually

It is critical that you keep on removing your toxic backlinks. For doing this, you should find the toxic or spammy backlinks and remove them. This is an important exercise and you will have a great advantage from gaining brownie points from SEO perspective by having a clean backlinks profile.

You don’t need to wait till you are penalized by Google. It is always better to regularly perform this activity at least twice a month. One thing which you should always remember is that you might build high-quality backlinks but if you lack a clean profile, all those efforts will be wasted and will not bring any results.

Using The Disavow Tool

Using The Disavow Tool from Google also helps in removing your toxic links which might have caused a Penalty on your website or could cause that in the future. For using this tool, you first need to identify all your spammy links first. After submitting these links, you will be given choice of links which you want to block.

The crucial part to remember is that this tool should be used only on the toxic links which you were not able to remove manually as it is considered to be the last alternative once you have used all the efforts to get all bad links removed.

Your Website should be User-friendly

Make sure that your website has all the features that make it user-friendly for your audience. Website loading time should be within the range of maximum 2-3 seconds or even less than that.

Poor website loading speed can have a disastrous effect on your bounce rate. People do not have much patience in case your website does not load fast and they will leave it immediately after landing on it, thereby increasing the bounce rate. The website structure should also be easily navigable and should have a user accessible sitemap.

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