MilesWeb Review – Know About the Fastest VPS Hosting Provider

MilesWeb Review - Know About the Fastest VPS Hosting Provider

Are you running a website for a long time? So, you must be observing growth in the traffic on your website. There are also some limitations with the increasing traffic. For example, if you want to host a website that receives less traffic, shared hosting works well. 

As the traffic on the website grows, shared hosting stops offering value. At this time, you start looking for other hosting options. It is vital to maintain the brand credibility of your business. And so, you need a website that loads faster and offers a smooth hosting experience to your visitors. 

VPS hosting is the best option to host a high-traffic website/app. VPS is best in terms of speed, security and performance. It offers you the features of a dedicated server but at a lesser price. In this article, you will get to know in brief about VPS hosting and the cheap linux VPS hosting provider MilesWeb. 

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A Word about VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting stands for a virtual private server. In VPS hosting, we have physical servers that are divided into multiple virtual servers. With VPS hosting, you don’t share the server resources with other users, meaning all the resources are 100% committed to your website or application. 

You get better speed and performance when you opt for VPS hosting.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the incoming traffic on your website, as it will not impact the overall growth. 

If you are looking for the cheap windows VPS hosting plans for your website, MilesWeb can be on the top of your list. 

Both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans are offered by MilesWeb. They also have options for Linux and Windows VPS hosting. A few web hosting providers offer both Linux and Windows VPS hosting, and MilesWeb is among them. 

You can choose a plan that best meets your requirements and budget. Below is an overview of their VPS hosting plans.

VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing 

For Linux VPS hosting, MilesWeb has ten plans. V1 is the basic plan that includes resources, 2vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB Bandwidth, 50 GB SSD Disk, 1 Dedicated IP and a Free Control Panel. 

If you check out their high-tier plan, it includes the below resources: 40 vCPU, 128 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Disk, 3000 GB Bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP and a Free Control Panel. 

The resources differ according to the plan you choose. About the pricing, their plans are affordable compared to other web hosting providers in the industry. Their base plan V1 costs Rs.630/m on the subscription of one year. And the high-tier plan costs Rs.32,640/mo on the subscription of one year. 

Plus, if you choose managed VPS hosting, you don’t have to pay any additional charges. With the managed VPS hosting plans, you get the best support from their team. They take care of all the server management tasks, including checking security updates and patches, monitoring, control panel installation and more. 

Features Included with MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Plans 

MilesWeb offers the best features with its VPS hosting plans to help you get a smooth hosting experience. Below are some of the top-notch features included with their VPS hosting plans. 

Intel Xeon Processors 

Intel Xeon processors are utilized on MilesWeb’s server nodes. Intel Xeon processors are the newest generation of processors with more CPU cores. With this, you get top-speed performance to your website or application, making sure your VPS server never slows down. The Intel Xeon processors are ideal for running resource-heavy websites mainly those of mission-critical nature.

SSL Encryption Certificate

With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans, you get an SSL encryption certificate at no extra cost. URL of the website is secured with HTTPS when an SSL certificate is installed on it. Information passing to and from the VPS hosting server will be encrypted automatically. It prevents attackers from gaining access to the sensitive information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet. 

SSD Storage Drives for Faster Performance

You get to host websites on built-in-SSD storage drives with MilesWeb’s VPS servers. SSD drives are powerful storage drives that boost the performance of websites. They deliver 10x faster performance than traditional HDD drives. SSD storage drives are ideal for handling resource-heavy websites/apps. 

Full Root Access

Even if you get 24×7 VPS server management, there are times when you might want to customize the server for yourself. In that case, you have total control over the VPS server. It also allows you to securely access and transfers files through the Secure Shell Transfer Protocol (SSTP). 

KVM Virtualization Technology 

KVM virtualization technology is incorporated on MilesWeb’s VPS servers. You get the ability to allocate VPS node resources such that no users can utilize more than their allocated resources. Thus, you get fully dedicated and isolated resources. KVM strictly prohibits the problem of resource overselling and eliminates the problem of noisy neighbors. 

100MBps Network Speed 

Get a smooth operating website or application with MilesWeb’s advanced network optimized for best loading speed. With a data transfer speed of up to 100MBps, it can host your websites/apps with zero performance issues. Get reduced page loading times and give a better surfing experience to your visitors. 

To Conclude 

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting provider in the industry, MilesWeb can be your go-to option. Their VPS hosting plans are powered by KVM virtualization technology to give you a super-fast hosting experience. 

Get started with the best VPS hosting provider, MilesWeb today.

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