The Best Fastest VPS Hosting from MilesWeb

The Best Fastest VPS Hosting from MilesWeb

Having a digital presence on the web has become the need of the hour! So, if your business is currently offline, it is vital to take your business on the online platform. Most business owners have understood the importance of having an online business. Also, they are making efforts for the same and trying to reach a stable position. 

Website and web hosting providers are the two vital things that will help you to showcase your business online. A website is a powerful medium to reach audiences and, also, it builds the credibility of your business. But to make your website visible on the internet, you need to opt for web hosting. Choosing a reliable web hosting provider will help you in the online success of your business. 

When you get into the hands of the right web hosting provider, you have to rest assured about your business. Besides choosing the right web hosting provider, it is also vital to choose the right web hosting solution. 

Shared hosting is a beginner-level hosting service perfect for small and low-traffic websites. It is the least expensive hosting option that can meet the basic requirements of your website. 

The next to shared is VPS hosting. VPS hosting is a powerful hosting solution that is best for running high-traffic websites or applications. With VPS hosting (managed & unmanaged VPS hosting), you get a complete server for your website but virtually. 

VPS hosting is a bang for your buck! But the only thing is, you need a good web hosting provider. MilesWeb is a prominent web hosting provider based in India. The company started in the year 2012, and to date, has 39,032 clients worldwide. 

Here’s an in-depth review of their VPS hosting. Most VPS hosting providers only offers server running on Linux-based operating system. 

Only a few of them offer both Linux and Windows OS. If you want to run a website compatible with PHP and MySQL, Linux operating system is a bang for your buck! When youchoose VPS hosting service (either managed VPS or managed/unmanaged windows VPS) you will not share server resources as in shared hosting. 

What is Virtual Private Server? 

A virtual private server is a server split into distinct hosting environments. When you opt for VPS hosting, one of these hosting environments is dedicated entirely to your website. That means you don’t share server resources like CPU, RAM with other customers. And also, you will not be impacted by the behavior of different websites. 

VPS hosting works on the principle of virtualization and offers you a higher level of security than shared hosting. With higher security, you also get an excellent level of performance and uptime as users get a definite amount of resources allocated to them in the plan. 

They can be certain to get a top-level performance at they can rest assured that they will experience a high level of performance around the clock. 

In a nutshell, a virtual private server is apt for users who want more power and control over their hosting environment. Assume that your website has a lot of traffic, or if you need more resources for the smooth functioning of websites or applications. 

A VPS gives you all the resources and power without paying more. The main reason to choose a VPS is to have full control over the server and its configurations. You can install new applications of your choice and customize the server in the way you want. 

MilesWeb Linux VPS Hosting Plans 

In the above image, you can take a sneak peek at MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting plans. 

Total of ten plans for VPS hosting with the base plan starting at Rs.630 per month. A dedicated IP address, a free control panel are included with all VPS plans. 

MilesWeb VPS Features 

Indian Data Center 

The server location of your VPS is an essential factor. MilesWeb offers Linux VPS hosting in an Indian server location. For the Indian targeted audience, this data center is ideal. It is a Tier-4 data center with ISO 27001 certification and delivers top-notch security, uptime and performance. 

SSL Encryption 

You get an SSL certificate for your website or application with MilesWeb’s inexpensive VPS hosting plans for free. Data passing to and from your virtual private server will be encrypted automatically. It means no attacker can access the sensitive information transmitted by visitors as it flows through the internet. 

Intel Xeon Processors 

MilesWeb uses Intel Xeon processors on their VPS servers. They are high-powered and latest generation processors with CPU cores. You get the best performance for your website or application with this and, your VPS server does not go down in any case. 

KVM Virtualization Technology 

Alike other hosting providers, MilesWeb makes use of KVM virtualization technology. With the KVM virtualization technology, the resources are allocated just as if you can utilize more than the allocated resources. KVM prohibits resource overselling and stops the issue of noisy neighbors. 

Do I Have a Choice of Operating System? 

Yes, you do have a choice of the operating system. MilesWeb’s VPS hosting service supports most variants of the Linux operating system. You can select from Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and Debian. 

Wrap Up 

MilesWeb offers fully managed VPS hosting at a good value. Sign-up today for MilesWeb VPS hosting plans and get the best outcomes for your high-traffic website or application. 

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