Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services VS. Pay Per Click (PPC)

seo vs ppc

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and PPC stands for Pay per Click Advertising. Both of them are necessary to obtain the maximum benefit from search engines. However, these two have a lot of differences between them. You should have a good deal of knowledge about them before getting started with your marketing strategies.

  • Time required

SEO requires a good deal of time to materialize. It is not easy to crack the correct SEO strategy within a short span of time. But PPC requires less time to emerge. Some right keywords can prove as a game changer in case of PPC advertising. In the case of SEO, many on-page and off-page optimizations need to be carried out before the campaign is successful and the website gets the desired amount of traffic. Most of the digital marketing Companies like SEO Melbourne Guy provide both PPC and SEO services and generate leads.

  • Money needed to be invested

PPC is an expensive affair of attracting more traffic to a website. You need to pay for every click; therefore it automatically increases the cost. But SEO is far cheaper in comparison to PPC. If it can be outsourced to an external party, then it can prove even more profitable.

  • Amount of traffic generation

After the commencement of a PPC advertising campaign, the production of traffic starts immediately. But if the campaign is paused, then there will be comparatively less traffic or no traffic at all. But any SEO campaign takes months of hard work to show the result.

One positive side of SEO has to be the fact that once SEO is successful, then there is a good flow of traffic to the website. Even if the SEO campaign is stopped it still manages to gather some traffic for some time.

  • Competition level

The competition level is high in the various SEO campaigns as a website not only has to contest with other websites in the same category but also contest with popular websites like Wikipedia, and various other informative sites.

But on the other hand, PPC has fewer amounts of competitors. There are not many businesses that would prefer spending the right amount of money on promotions and rankings.

  • User-friendly

Neither of them is very user-friendly. You need to have a good deal of knowledge and experience about both of them to succeed. Search Engine Optimization is more time consuming and cracking the correct strategy is not at all easy. Whereas for PPC you need to have a great deal of knowledge or hire some PPC expert to get the desired result.

  • Keyword usage

Any PPC campaign can have many keywords. But being specific is undoubtedly more effective and brings out the best result. But in the case of SEO, a smaller number of active keywords can work wonders. A small number of keywords help initially to improve the rankings, and once the desired result is achieved, then more keywords can be used.

PPC requires a good strategy and implementation than SEO. It is not very easy as there is an investment involved in PPC. PPC works faster than SEO and is more effective in generating the right amount of traffic in a shorter time.

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