Search Engine Optimization Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy

Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in digital marketing, you have certainly already heard of SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization), also called SEO. Simply put, this is a set of techniques to optimize the content of a web page to improve its visibility and its positioning in the results of search engines.

Far from being anecdotal, the presence in the first Google results is now a major issue for companies: search engines generate 300% more traffic than social media, while 65% of clicks are destined to first three results (Panda SEO). To increase traffic (and attract as much traffic as possible) to its website, and generate business opportunities through this, optimize its SEO strategy is now a necessity.

To avoid the most common mistakes and ensure the effectiveness of its SEO strategy follow Hp Sangha SEO tips. We must ensure several key elements, which will make the difference!

  • Quality contents you will produce

For many years, SEO relied solely on the use – more or less relevant – of keywords. To saturate the content of a page with a single keyword, completely neglecting the meaning, is no longer relevant today (and that’s good!).

Faced with the exponential growth of content on the web (each month, nearly 92 million blog articles are produced worldwide), search engines have developed technologies to meet the intent of each request, to propose the most adapted answers. The Internet has thus moved from the keyword era to that of semantics and research intent. More than ever, quality content is king.

  • The long contents you will not fear anymore

For a long time, on the web, the trend was to short content, written in very (too much) large quantities. It is no longer the case!

  • For mobile your site you will optimize

In recent years, the share of mobile traffic has steadily increased. Since 2015, more than half of searches on the web are done on mobile or tablet.

  • On the local SEO you will miseras

Since the deployment of the Pigeon algorithm in 2014, local SEO represents a real opportunity for businesses: 50% of users who search locally on their Smartphone visit a physical store in the day (Panda SEO). Local SEO therefore increases the visibility of a company when the query involves a localized criterion, such as the name of a city, for example. Its development has been favored by the advent of smart phones and mobile traffic.

  • Each page you will structure carefully

The algorithms also take into account technical criteria, which you will have to watch like milk on fire, so as not to risk spoiling your efforts. As for a paper document, the web gives you the ability to prioritize the content of a text with titles and subtitles. These are indicated by the heading tags (H1, H2, H3 …), which have two main objectives:

  • Voice search you will take into account

However, we do not use the same expressions spoken or written; with voice assistants, we tend to formulate our queries in the form of questions, and the vocabulary used varies to tend towards a more natural and conversational language.

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