Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

In today’s world, Social Media is quite a powerful medium for promoting businesses. If you want to grow your business and your brand, without social media it is quite difficult to survive. You must harness the power of social media so that you can take your business to the next level. Here are some valuable social media marketing tips for your growing business:

Performing a Social Media Audit

Running a Social Media Audit is important regarding all the social media channels you have on board for your business. Keeping everything together with all the passwords in one place, it makes it more convenient for the social media marketer or the person handling social media marketing of your brand. Make sure that you have a proper profile photo and the correct URLs in your records for required platforms. All icons and descriptions should all be in place for each of the social media channels.

Social Media Marketing Plan

It is absolutely essential to plan out and carve a social media plan before carrying out the execution part. Planning is always critical, so craft a detailed social media marketing plan with all the strategies in the right place so that you can watch your social media marketing flourish.

Optimizing Content on Your Social Media Platforms

Simply having many accounts across different social media platforms doesn’t solve anything. Formatting and posting content for each one of them in a different way is essential. Even if your posts are delivering the same message ultimately, they should all be different as per the features of each individual platform. For instance, posting on Instagram would mean posting only pictures whereas posting latest on Twitter would mean short and concise messages. They can convey the same message but the way of communicating to the audience as each of the platforms will be different.

Research Hashtags before using them in your Posts

Make it a point to research existing hash tags which are already trending in the social media world. You could also start off new hash tags by yourself, however, in case you want to broaden your reach, it will be advisable to follow the existing trends when you use them in your posts.

Monitoring and Measuring Performances

In the world of social media, things move at an alarmingly fast rate. Monitoring the performance of all of your social media campaigns is quite essential. Any social media campaign you activate will have it’s own measurable objectives and outcomes. Without measuring and monitoring results, a campaign has no value. Such measurable outcomes are basically KPIs and help you determine whether all your social marketing efforts are successful or not. Track them on a weekly and monthly basis so that you can revise or make changes to your social media strategy accordingly.

Consistency is the key

It is crucial to maintain a certain consistency in all your designed social media campaigns. Make a plan well in advance regarding the frequency of posting and the type of overall content you are going to post on various social media platforms. Don’t change your posting frequency quite often and make sure to maintain your content quality as your audience will also judge you keeping these criteria in mind.

The posting frequency could vary from a couple of times a day in case of a micro-blogging platform like Twitter to few times a week on other social media platforms, depending upon your ultimate objectives for each one of them. Use a social media calendar to keep everything organized.

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