Ways of Marketing Your Brand on Instagram

Ways of Marketing Your Brand on Instagram

At present, Instagram has a huge fan base of about 300 million accounts, almost similar to Twitter. When you think of a visual social media platform, you come up with Instagram instantly. Instagram is used by businesses as a visually engaging platform for promoting their brand and to increase their followers. A visual story about your brand can speak volumes about your brand’s future.

If you post the right Instagram pictures depicting your business, while conveying the perfect message about your brand, without sounding too hard on the sales pitch, that should set the ball rolling for attracting more customers. Instagram definitely is helpful in turning your prospects into loyal customers. Here are some helpful tips for you to follow if you are looking for tapping Instagram’s potential for promoting your brand over social media.

Creating an Interesting Bio

Make sure that your Bio on Instagram is catchy, informative and concise while describing your brand. Your followers should be able to know precisely what your brand stands for and should be appealing to your audience.

Using Hashtags

It is a fact that hashtags are a critical part of Instagram and need to be used quite extensively. This is the major way that how Instagram users on mobiles can search and find you. A big advantage of posting on Instagram is that there are no limitations to the number of characters you can use, unlike Twitter which is a major plus point. You should always include few relevant hashtags and not sound too congested about using them.

You should also use general hashtags along with the industry as well as trending hashtags. In case you spot a trend connected with your brand, that definitely will be a feather in the cap. In case of such situations, your Instagram post could be quite popular and you could end gathering a lot more followers.

Holding Instagram Hashtag Contests and Special Offers

Running an Instagram Contest can prove to be quite beneficial for promoting your business and for getting your name all out there on social media. All the followers can upload their photos to a certain Hashtag. Instagram has made it easy to hold contests which can build your brand.

There are various types of contests which can be held. For instance, you can tell your followers to like your photo as a mandatory requirement to enter the contest. Another way is to ask for a Follow, in case you want to increase the number of your Followers. There are some third party tools which you can use to hold contests for your followers. Some examples include Woobox, WishPond, Gleam and so forth.

Besides contests, you can also avail of the opportunity to increase the number of your followers by giving them special incentives, discounts or bonuses on certain occasions and special holidays.

Using Creative, Professional Photos

Creative and Interesting Photos are the backbone of Instagram posting. Instagram has a major visual platform for promoting your product. Never post boring and ordinary run-of-the-mill pictures which would generate no interest among your followers.

Instead, always post creative, unique and attention grabbing pictures which carry the potential of becoming popular and viral. At the same time, be careful about choosing the right aesthetic elements in the photos to generate a brand image so that you can develop a unique brand culture of your own.

Making Short Videos

Showcasing your brand got easier by adding videos for your followers. Besides posting a variety of photos, Instagram enables you to also post short Creative videos on your Instagram feed, while highlighting the positive features and showcasing your brand. Instagram videos are quite effective in conveying your marketing message to consumers or prospects and to increase audience engagement.

Liking and Engaging with your Consumers

Engaging yourself with your Followers and their activities is vital for keeping intact the interest of your followers. Increase consumer engagement by liking the photos of your followers and commenting on the nice photos they post on Instagram as well. Engage with your consumers by commenting on cool product related photos they post. Following people also is a great way to grab attention of other people who may be followers of the brand you followed five minutes back.

Instagram Analytics

When you run Instagram campaigns and post a number of photos on your Feed consistently, it is important at the same time to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. Analytics is something you can never afford to ignore. Instagram comes with its own variety of Analytical tools which can help you measure your performance.

Track the performance of all your posts and measure your audience engagement to assess whether your posts are working effectively or not. Analytics let your assess in terms of numbers and measure to understand that what is working, what is not and what needs further improvement.

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