Top Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers

Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers

There has been a revolution in the world of technology and the World Wide Web, which meant that people started spending more time online. As the population of online audience increases manifold by each passing day, the demand for digital marketing professionals surged in India as well as all across the globe.

As a marketer, you need to make sure that you are able to communicate your voice across the digital space, no matter wherever you are located. This is when mobile Apps can give you the required push! Apps can be helpful in every step of your marketing activity. It doesn’t matter whether you have an Android or iOS-based device, mobile Apps are truly a Digital marketer’s best companion. Here is a list of some handy Mobile Apps which can be useful for Digital Marketers.


HootSuite is one of the most important Apps for Social Media Marketers. It is a Social Media Management Tool and helps you in managing multiple Social Media Marketing channels in one place. This App can be downloaded on any Android or iOS phone. It has a free version and also offers paid services for multiple accounts. Handling multiple social media profiles becomes much easier by using HootSuite and it saves time as well as energy. You can also post the same message on all the social networks simultaneously.

Scheduling posts on all your social media channels, Monitoring the performances of each of these platforms, receiving a notification in case anyone mentions your brand are some of the features which make HootSuite an awesome tool for Social Media Marketers.


It is a great App for marketers for using it for Content creation and SEO campaigns. It helps you to analyze what content will perform best for any topic in this world. This tool also gives you a detailed intervention about how your content performs online and provides a breakdown of that performance by various metrics across different topics and even keywords. As marketers, it helps you in creating, optimizing and promoting content. Besides this, you also gather wonderful in-depth knowledge about what’s popular on social media.

Google Apps

It is a huge collection of productivity tools such as Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Google Maps and Hangouts. This enables Digital Marketing professionals to stay productive. They are available free of cost and can be easily downloaded on your mobile. Google Docs allow you to create, edit as well as share documents with your fellow members.

Google Calendar allows you to remember significant dates and events which can be synced with other devices. Google Maps are useful for navigation and figuring out different routes, while Hangouts is a favorite of people who like to interact and do video chatting with friends and family.


EverNote is a preferred App for you to download in case you want to be organized while at work or at home. Basic features are available Free of cost which includes making available photos for sharing, noting down long and short pieces for being handy anywhere, creating important reminders, separate lists and, keeping photos for sharing and so forth. This App is quite popular among Digital Marketers. It offers synchronization/backup services and supports a number of operating systems including iOS and Android for greater flexibility as well as for easier access.


Feedly is the App for you if as a marketer you are looking for a one-stop place where you can access all the news channels into one source in an easily readable format. What this App does is that it compiles news feeds from multiple online sources so that the user can customize it and share with others too.

If you’re looking for a one-stop place for news, then look no further than Freedly. With this app you can easily access all your news channels into one source in an easily readable format. It also provides a variety of feed navigation features and can be used on various platforms which makes this App all the more convenient. (iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari)


This App comes as a blessing for Marketers who would want to work and collaborate with team members around the globe. It’s an online Project Management and online task software for teams. The freedom to work anywhere (with a good Internet Connection) is possible using RedBooth and the added advantage of using it is that the platform lets all users to communicate with each other without any boundaries.

By using this App, you can also have a quick access to all the important tasks every day, chat with other team members, keep everything organized in one place, track the tasks done and the ones still to be resolved. Time tracking and Discussion Forums are some of the other features which make it an asset for Marketers so that you can be on the top of everything which requires your attention.

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