Top Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a long time proven and efficient way to market your product/service to the target audience. It has been found by marketers to be quite effective in acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention of their customers. Relationship building with your intended audience is one of the most significant benefits of email marketing.

Each and every subscriber in your subscribers list represents a tremendous opportunity for selling your product and to utilize word-of-mouth marketing. Here are some really useful tips related to email marketing best practices which can benefit your brand tremendously to get the best by conducting productive email marketing campaigns for your business.

Craft a Methodical Strategy

Every business has a different set of target audience and varied goals for creating marketing campaigns. The top priority for any brand should be maintaining a relationship between the brand and their customers. In case of addressing new subscribers and new entrants who have purchased your products, there needs to be a welcome email which exudes a warm welcome for being a part of your fraternity now.

Customers also appreciate getting promotional deals, seasonal offers and discounts from time to time. Besides all of this, they love being further updated on your new products and getting educated on the new trends within the industry. Newsletters also are a great way for increasing audience engagement. Therefore, keeping in mind your business type and the objectives for your brand, an effective email strategy needs to be set in place which conforms to all your branding goals.

Pay Attention to your Subject Line

The content of your email is going to be the deciding factor for the success of the campaign. Firstly, pay close attention to the subject line of your email. Your subject line should be persuasive and attention-grabbing so that it persuades the target for taking the initiative of opening it. Without a catchy and customized subject line, the rest of your content within the email has no significance. The subject line should be so effective that it should make the reader feel that the email is of immediate value to them so that they are motivated to immediately open it.

Content needs to be Customized

The content should be written in such a way that it caters to the interest of your target audience. It is a great idea to include updated information which provides them new knowledge about the things they are interested in, instead of simply including information related to only your brand. In fact, writing regular newsletters for increasing their awareness about new developments will greatly increase the reads. Other examples of useful content include how-tos, useful tips, top lists etc.

Stay Connected

It is critical that you remain well connected with your customers to remain fresh in their memory. Stay frequent with your emailing and keep them abreast about the latest product updates in order to retain their interest. Retention is something which will give you loyal customers, repeat sales and word-of-mouth marketing for promoting your services. Useful content always engages audience and is beneficial for keeping your product on the top. The frequency of contacting them also needs to be well balanced, as more than required number of emails sent weekly can result in an increase in the number of unsubscribes.

Track your Results

Preparing and sending out email campaigns is vital. However, it is also quite significant to track your campaigns so that you know the effectiveness and the real results. Using an email service provider will give you the numbers and the stats of the campaigns. The numbers will help you in improving the future campaigns and modifying them as required. Without tracking and analytics, it’s more or less like groping in the dark without knowing the direction you are headed for.


In today’s digital age, it is easy to create segments of email lists and is absolutely necessary for result-oriented email campaigns. Breaking your subscriber list into smaller groups based on common characteristics comprises segmentation. The criteria include location, interests and preferences. Your target audience varies and have different requirements during various time periods.

It has been statistically proved in the past that a clear segmentation of your customers is essential to have high click through rates and more conversions. It also decreases the population of your unsubscribers list.

Select the right Email Service Provider

Choosing the right email service provider for all email campaigns is a critical decision. Some of the popular ones are Constant Contact and MailChimp. Since mass emailing is not permitted through your Internet Service Provider and can result in a penalty or blockage for your campaigns, it is essential to use only your email service provider for sending out mass emails within your subscriber list.

Before making the final selection, remember that their templates are required to be mobile friendly as a majority of users view their emails on their mobiles. It is very important that you research a variety of email service providers and check everything you are being offered including a complete list of features, analytics, cost and the overall reputation in the market. They should also be preferably integrated with other types of marketing solutions you are using for promotion and audience engagement. The best way is to try out a free trial and only after ensuring that the service provider has all the features which you require to run a successful email campaign, you should go ahead and opt for a paid plan.

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